Teach Solais Games

teach /tchak/ (gen. /tchi/): house n.
solas /sol-us/ (gen. solais /sul-ish/): light n.
teach solais: lighthouse n. a tower on coastlines or at sea, with a beacon to help ships navigate treacherous waters
games: immersive entertainment simulations frequently subjected to epic levels of extreme bullwords
Teach Solais Games: proper noun. a name born from hours of sleep deprivation, caffein, and Irish music


May 25: Balanced Trees, Part 5: Performance

May 24: Balanced Trees, Part 4: Left Leaning Red-Black Trees

May 23: Balanced Trees, Part 3: Basic Red-Black Trees

May 22: Balanced Trees, Part 2: Interior 2-3 Trees

April 2: Balanced Trees, Part 1: Exterior 2-3 Trees

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